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   Volume III, Issue 3
February 2007   

Ralph Lamarra retires

After ten years of faithful service to Falvey, Ralph Lamarra, the well-known and respected library door checker has decided to retire.

Ralph Lamarra and Luisa Cywinski
It’s not the first time that Ralph has retired. His forty-year career with the Pennsylvania Railroad, which became Amtrak, saw him travel the mid-Atlantic coast for up to 16 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Prior to his railroad career, Ralph served four years with the Marines and saw some intense action in the Korean War. His regiment was the first to arrive at the Inchon Landing and confronted Chinese forces near the Chosin Reservoir. Ralph achieved the rank of sergeant before ending his active duty with the Marines. He continues to meet on a regular basis with members of his regiment, aptly named “The Chosin Few.”

Ralph and his wife, Eileen, plan to spend his retirement relaxing with family and friends in both Pennsylvania and Florida. With two sons, two daughters and 14 grandchildren, Ralph will surely be busy. One grandson, now a Marine in Iraq, received this advice from his grandfather: “Don’t be a hero. …Just do your job and then come home.”

Ralph will be missed by all.

Contributed by Luisa Cywinski; photography by Natalie Tomasco

(For those who would like more information about the Korean War and the Battle of Choisin Reservoir, Ralph suggests the book
Breakout : the Chosin Reservoir Campaign, Korea 1950, which is held in the library collection.)