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   Volume IV, Issue 1
September 2007   


Elizabeth “Lee” Murphy
After seventeen years of dedicated service to several Falvey departments, Lee Murphy retired in July. Lee started her library career in 1990 with course reserves and then moved to the circulation department to be an evening supervisor. Preferring daytime hours, Lee returned to the course reserves department and added information desk duties and digital scanning to her repertoire.

She was a valuable and active member of the Falvey VQI team, working to support University mission and service initiatives. Her unfailing willingness to help other library staff, library patrons and the various offices on campus was the hallmark of her commitment to Falvey and Villanova University.

Lois Dickinson

After eight years as a circulating books shelver for Falvey and a helpful presence on the second floor, Lois Dickinson retired in June. With her new free time Lois plans to garden, sew and decorate her house. Lois and her husband have two sons and one daughter; she anticipates an imminent visit to Seattle when her second grandchild arrives. A long term plan is a trip across the country.

Jim McAleer
Falvey Library staff members said a fond farewell to Jim McAleer when he retired this summer after serving as the third floor book shelver for nearly 20 years. Jim joined Falvey after a long career as a mail carrier for the U.S. Postal Service. 

Especially noteworthy is Jim's talent to tell outlandish tales in believable fashion. One Thanksgiving season, Jim convinced a number of staff that, at the end of the day, they could pick up their complimentary turkeys, a Falvey "holiday bonus," from the unsuspecting bindery supervisor. The joke was on the bindery supervisor as much as it was on those individuals who went down to request their free turkeys.

Proud of his service in the U.S. Navy during World War II, Jim liked to share the fascinating stories of his experiences in the Pacific. He and his twin brother enlisted when they were just 17.  

Elizabeth “Liz” Bell
Liz Bell retired this summer from her position as a door checker with Falvey. She joined the library staff in 2001. Over the years Liz has seen many students, staff and visitors enter the library, and, according to Liz, Villanova’s students are the most cooperative for showing their Wildcard ID.

She became acquainted with many students, notably one who started calling her “Mom.” Looking back on her time at Falvey, Liz enjoyed the opportunity to meet a variety of people, including well-known writers and guest speakers. Before joining Falvey, Liz was a college receptionist and telephone operator for Rosemont College. 

 Contributed by Luisa Cywinski, Domenick Liberato, Judy Olsen and Sue Ottignon; photographs by Chris Barr and Laura Hutelmyer