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   Volume IV, Issue 2
November 2007   

Frank Henningerís personal journey

Henninger and Templeton
Frank Henninger, with his wife, Melody Templeton, instructor, Continuing Studies

Frank L. Henninger, University Shop director, described some of his close calls while climbing Mount Rainier, at the inaugural Community Author program Nov. 1 in Falvey Memorial Library.

At one point, he recalled his life-saving decision to turn back from reaching Rainierís summit, which led to his narrow escape from several avalanches.

Henninger's book, Compass Points: Finding a Mid-life Bearing on Mount Rainier (Borders, 2005), a biographical account of his first two experiences climbing the mountain, illuminates lessons he learned from his difficult, yet rewarding journeys.

The author presented his lecture, ďSeven Life Lessons Learned on Mount Rainier,Ē with great enthusiasm. At the outset, Henninger described Mount Rainier, located near Seattle. To give the audience a glimpse of what he encountered he provided a photographic slideshow. Henninger discussed both the positive and negative factors that affected his climbs on Mount Rainier. He noted a place called Paradise, an untouched oasis for wildlife reserves, and Camp Muir, where he met many people who have influenced his life.

Henninger stressed the importance of being properly prepared for a climb, trusting fellow climbers and, most importantly, knowing one's own limits. Although Henninger has climbed Mount Rainier four times and has never had the chance to summit, he knows that his experiences along these journeys have meant more to him than anything else. As he joked, ďAs all climbers say, itís got to be a two-way trip or itís not worth it, right?Ē

Henningerís lecture will soon be made accessible to the public as a VU web cast, and his book is available for purchase in the University Shop.

Contributed by Gina McFadden; photograph by Laura Hutelmyer