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   Volume IV, Issue 3
February 2008   

Noteworthy: Darren Poley, Bill Greene and Gina McFadden

Darren Poley, Outreach Librarian, was instrumental in the development of the Academic Integrity Gateway web site recently announced by Vice President for Academic Affairs Craig Wheeland to the Villanova University community.

The Academic Integrity Gateway was begun as a collaborative project between former Vice President for Academic Affairs John Immerwahr, Poley and other Falvey librarians. The project was continued by Wheeland, Poley and others. The Gateway was created to give students accurate information about plagiarism and proper forms for citations in papers, thus avoiding infringements of the academic integrity code.

Bill Greene, Access and Information Specialist, continues to garner educational degrees from Villanova University. In December, Bill was awarded a masters of arts in Liberal Studies and a Certificate in Great Books from the University. The certificate’s prerequisite requires the student to complete five Great Books courses in the Liberal Studies program.

In his final semester, as part of his Directed Reading seminar with advisor Dr. Ellen Bonds of the English department, Bill wrote the short story, “Catalyst.” Bill notes that the story “is about a man’s continuing search for love”: the catalyst is a child who nudges the middle-aged man to get on with his life quest. Bill jokingly comments that “Catalyst” “turned out to be a long short story [of] 9,600 words”!

While working toward his degree, Bill originally intended to focus on the arts, but his interests shifted and he matriculated in courses in the social sciences and the humanities. Bill stated the courses are team-taught by professors providing different perspectives on the courses' themes. In his last course, “In the Beginning,” Professors Lowell Gustafson and Mary Anne Schofield also included material from the fields of  biology, physics and astronomy.

After earning his bachelor’s degree in education in 1972 and a master’s in library science in 1974, Bill began his career in 1975 as a periodicals assistant in Falvey Memorial Library. He currently works with interlibrary loan, periodicals and distance learning.

Gina McFadden, a member of the Library’s Access and User Assistance team, received her bachelor of arts in English on Dec. 22 from Penn State Brandywine, a campus of The Pennsylvania State University system. For more information on Gina's accomplishments, please see the related article, "Gina McFadden puts customer service first."