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   Volume IV, Issue 3
February 2008   

Game Night @ Your Library

On Feb. 15, the “Falvey Gaming Commission” held its first official Game Night in library first floor lounge. The event featured “Guitar Hero,” “Rock Band,” “Halo 3” and a Wii for tennis and bowling.

The inaugural Game Night event was the first of its kind at Villanova. Equipment was contributed by the Library as well as by participants who brought their own gear. Nearly eight pizzas were consumed during the three hour event, and both students and staff had a great time. Students playing “Rock Band” were at one point joined by University Librarian Joe Lucia on drums and guitar.

Two other game nights, sponsored by Falvey, are scheduled for Feb. 22 and March 14, and the Gaming Commission hopes to develop this concept into a regularly scheduled event featuring games of all formats and genres.

Game Night @ Your Library would not have happened without the support and help of Joseph Lucia, Daniel Berger, Anne Ford, Marie Roman, David Burke, Darren Poley, Sarah Hidding and, of course, the enthusiastic participants.

Contributed by Dan Overfield; photograph by Laura Hutelmyer