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   Volume I, Issue 2
May 2005   

What has the Library done for me lately?

Photo of Rachel and Michelle

"I have all the resources I need for my thesis, like books, articles, a comfortable place to write and lots of friendly people to answer all my questions."

Rachel Luckenbill, graduate student, English

"The Library provides me with an excessive number of EZ Borrow books for my research."

Michelle Wetzel, graduate student, English

"I have to say that I am quite impressed with and grateful for the efficiency and ease Photo of Johnof using our interlibrary loan system. Having an account which keeps a record of all your requests and their status as well as receiving requested articles in my e-mail account has made carrying out extensive research projects for professors as well as myself very manageable and convenient. Thanks to all the ILL staff!"

John Edwards, graduate student,
Theology & Religious Studies

Photo of Said and Khamis "The librarians are very helpful with clarifying our doubts about research problems. Interlibrary loan is
also very helpful."

Said Al-Ghenaimi, graduate student, Nursing

"The library staff offers great help, especially Mrs. Barbara Quintiliano, who always welcomes our questions about electronic resources. Also, the laptop service: We can set up the laptop at a big table and study."

Khamis Al-Mamari, graduate student, Nursing

Photo of Andrew

"EZ Borrow and interlibrary loan! Those services have bailed me out a few times this year by helping me get research articles from obscure journals and books."

Andrew Warne, graduate student, History

Photographs by Donna Blaszkowski and Laura Hutelmyer.