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   Volume I, Issue 2
May 2005   

Outstanding seniors named Falvey Student Scholars

Sarah Bauerle

Falvey Memorial Library and the Honors Program presented awards to seven outstanding seniors for their thesis research at the Falvey Student Scholars program. The students presented their papers at a day-long event in the library lounge on May 3.

The 2005 Falvey Student Scholars and their research topics are

  • Sarah Bauerle, “The Commercialization of Microfinance in Latin America” explores the growing commercialization of financial services targeting poor people in Latin America (advisor: Lowell Gustafson, political science)
  • Christine Brooks, “The Role of Lipid Rafts in the Induction of Growth Inhibition in a Cancer Cell Line in Response to Antibodies against GPI-anchored Proteins” investigates the role of lipid rafts and GPI-anchored proteins in cell signaling and cell growth (advisor: Anil Bamezai, biology)
  • Kristen Carey, “Responsible Parenting: A Stewardship Approach to Making Tough Choices for Children” addresses the ethical choices faced by parents regarding new forms of reproductive technology (advisor: Sarah Vaughan-Brakman, philosophy)
  • Kathleen Krackenberger, “Neoliberalism, Structural Adjustment, and Nicaragua” explores how the Nicaraguan government’s adoption of free market economics and trade has effected Nicaraguan society (advisor: Lowell Gustafson, political science)

    Kathleen Krackenberger

  • Juliet Mazer-Schmidt, “In Defense of the Premature Memoir” analyzes a personal experiment in writing a memoir immediately after the experience (advisor: Mary Beth Simmons, Writing Center)
  • Chesley Turner, “Sargeant and the Mediterranean Muses” examines John Singer Sargeant’s paintings of Mediterranean women, 1878-1881 (advisor: Jeanne Brody, art history)
  • Alec Vishnevsky,“The Effects of Indomethacin on Estrogen Activated Matrix Turnover and MMP Activation in the Immature Rat Uterus” investigates the role of prostaglandins in estrogen-induced uterine growth in rats (advisor: Louise Russo, biology)

This year’s Falvey Scholars were selected by Edwin Goff, director, Honors Program; Joe Lucia, director, Falvey Memorial Library; Christine Muller, assistant director, Honors Program; Michael Hones, professor, physics department; Jane Morris, director, Undergraduate Grants and Awards office; and Teresa Bowden, librarian, Falvey Memorial Library. 

All attendees would agree with Lucia’s opening comment, “It’s nice to hear some of the best students present their work.”

This is the third year the Library has recognized exceptional undergraduate research.


David Burke is librarian liaison to the sociology department; photographs by Donna Blaszkowski.