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   Volume II, Issue 3
February 2006   

Falvey librarian chosen for Facultas Award

Bente Polites has been selected to receive the Facultas Award, given by the Faculty Congress to Villanova University staff members for extraordinary service and support for the faculty in their teaching and research activities. Professors Jeffrey Johnson and Debra Arvanites, members of the Faculty Congress Executive Committee, presented the award January 25 at a surprise ceremony in the library director’s office, with many of Bente's colleagues present. 

   Jeffrey Johnson, Bente Polites and Debra Arvanites

This award is a significant honor: faculty members nominate candidates and the Faculty Congress Committee on Awards then selects the recipients.  The faculty member nominating Bente described her as a "brilliant librarian" who seemingly “works miracles” in response to faculty requests for research assistance on often very obscure topics. 

Bente, who has been with Falvey since 1987, is a reference librarian and subject liaison to the philosophy department. She received a master's degree from the Royal School of Library and Information Science, Denmark in Copenhagen. According to Jeffrey Johnson, "With her multilingual skills as well as a deep grasp of the publication environment in her fields of expertise, she enables Villanova to build and maintain its excellent collection on continental philosophy, which is central to the doctoral program." She also teaches numerous research classes for the ethics program and other disciplines.

In her capacity as Falvey's special collections librarian, she organizes exhibits of books from Special Collections and assists students, faculty members and visiting scholars who are using the collections.

Contributed by Judy Olsen and Joe Lucia; photograph by Laura Hutelmyer