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   Volume III, Issue 4
April 2007   
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The power of reading: VU selects influential books
Father Peter Donohue, Nancy Kelley, John Kurtz and Joe Lucia share their picks. > Full story
New Falvey Scholars named
The University's best undergraduate research will be presented on Thursday, May 3. > Full story
Early American Imprints: Primary works from the Colonies and the early Nation
The latest addition to Falvey’s growing archive of online historical resources. > Full story
One Book essay contest winners!
Molly Grace's paper on the media's portrayal of lynching and Andrew Moriarty's take on racial blindness. > Full story
Dr. Suzanne Toton and "Justice Education": Addressing the origins of social problems or treating the symptoms?
"We should look for opportunities to build relationships, not only with the poor, but with those who are organized and already engaged in the struggle for justice.” > Full story
What has the Library done for me lately?
Villanova University administrators and staff reveal what they like best about Falvey. > Full story
Director's Watch: From open stacks to "open source"
How does the “open source” framework – exemplifying a participative, self-refining community project with the goal of serving the common good – relate to our understanding of libraries? > Full story
Miles Davis, Mozart and "My Fair Lady"
Check out the music CD collection! > Full story
Reaching an underserved population : Dr. Suzanne Smeltzer and the Health Promotion for Women with Disabilities Project
"Women with disabilities are in greater need of wellness information than the rest of the female population." > Full story
Falvey appreciates its student employees
Seniors, raffle winners and pizza > Full story
“Songs of the Black American Experience": Celebrating Black History Month
For 19th century African Americans, the songs expressed not only spiritual healing and faith but also contained coded messages about escape attempts and the Underground Railroad. > Full story
Focus on Falvey’s new organizational structure: Academic Integration
This series describes the teams which now constitute the organization of Falvey Memorial Library. A team structure provides more contact points for VU colleges, departments and offices. > Full story
Access and User Assistance
Implementing a new organizational model means moving away from compartmentalized departments to a team-oriented structure. The result -- new management roles for some and new job descriptions for most > Full story
The Resource Management Center
Keeping the library collection vital and current by procuring new library materials and organizing these materials for easy and convenient use. > Full story
Special Collections and Digital Libraries
An organizational unit comprising three distinct teams: Special Collections, the Digital Library and the Slide Library > Full story
Noteworthy: People in the news
Cultural Calendar: Upcoming public events & ongoing exhibits at Falvey

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