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   Volume V, Issue 1
September 2008   
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Director's Watch column
Volume II, Issue 1
What's the value of libraries in the Web age? > Full story
Amazing Falvey facts
Volume II, Issue 1
Guess how many people came into the Library last year? How many questions answered? How many database searches performed? > Full story
"Director's Watch"
Volume II, Issue 2
Illustrating the impact of the digital revolution and the resilience of print > Full story
New Falvey digital initiative enables faculty research and scholarly materials to be readily discovered on the Web
Volume II, Issue 3
Creating a virtual collection where faculty scholarship will be accessible > Full story
Director's Watch: Digital transformation
Volume II, Issue 4
Intellectual treasures sitting on private bookshelves can be shared and investigated by a new generation of historians and cultural interpreters. > Full story
Joint Falvey and OPTIR team investigates how you use the library
Volume III, Issue 1
Falvey's space and services scrutinized in effort to create patron-centered library > Full story
From sickle cell anemia to Huntington’s disease: Gen Bio students participate in information research lab
Volume III, Issue 3
The biology instructors noted a significant improvement in the quality of the information sources the students use to support their presentations. > Full story
What is this thing called Wikipedia?
Volume III, Issue 3
When discussing the research process with students I often feel Wikipedia looming like the elephant in the classroom. > Full story
Director's Watch: From open stacks to "open source"
Volume III, Issue 4
How does the “open source” framework – exemplifying a participative, self-refining community project with the goal of serving the common good – relate to our understanding of libraries? > Full story
Under cover of night no more: Weeding and the contemporary academic library
Volume IV, Issue 1
Director's Watch: Recent technological developments, coupled with space needs, have made it possible for us to cull our collections in good conscience. Faculty can help too. > Full story
Fourth LVJ Summer Institute 2007
Volume IV, Issue 1
What do students really want from their libraries and one-stop-shopping in physical and virtual spaces > Full story
Libraries at Play: From “Homo Liber” to “Homo Ludens”
Volume IV, Issue 2
Director's Watch: The quiet space stereotype of libraries, represented by the bun-wearing, shushing librarian, diminishes the vibrancy and creativity of the current library environment. > Full story
It's easy being lime green
Volume IV, Issue 3
Andrew Nagy and Chris Barr make a splash with VuFind at the American Library Association's Midwinter Conference in Philadelphia > Full story
Sample Some Contemporary Reimaginings of the Library
Volume V, Issue 1
Director's Watch: All vital institutions require persistent imagination. Here are some compelling instances of library imagination, from the Dutch DOK to the Wayback Machine. > Full story