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   Volume V, Issue 1
September 2008   
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A book examines Augustinian theology and ethics
Volume II, Issue 1
For Augustine, lies do more than just hide the truth or offend social values. > Full story
Book discussion group begins at Falvey
Volume II, Issue 1
Have you wanted to join a book group so you could discuss a book you read, but you didn't know where to find such a group? Falvey may have the answer. > Full story
Introducing the Pennsylvania Center for the Book
Volume II, Issue 1
A success story for the second year of LVJ Summer Institutes > Full story
What has Falvey done for me lately?
Volume II, Issue 1
Villanova University faculty reveal what they like best about Falvey. > Full story
“Print is dead; Long live print!” Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar looks at the contemporary novel
Volume II, Issue 3
N. Katherine Hayles, professor of English and design/media arts at UCLA, leads forum on the changing form of the novel. > Full story
Bayard Rustin, Lost prophet of social justice
Volume II, Issue 3
Black History Month feature: a behind-the-scenes local hero > Full story
Director's Watch: Of Books and Butterflies and One Book Villanova
Volume II, Issue 3
"Books can be butterflies: little perturbances that later change lives." > Full story
The power of books: Faculty select the books that influenced their lives
Volume II, Issue 4
Tim Horner, John Immerwahr, Maghan Keita and Donna Shai share their picks. > Full story
Director's Watch column: Recent developments here at Falvey
Volume III, Issue 1
"We are working to fit our academic support mission to the realities of the digital age and to the changing needs and expectations of our student and faculty cohort." > Full story
Banned books: Director's Watch column
Volume III, Issue 2
In a democratic society, censorship is anathema to the ideal of an informed community that can embrace and debate ideas in an open manner. > Full story
Essay competition announced
Volume III, Issue 2
All current undergraduate students! You are invited to submit an essay written in response to this year’s One Book, Tim Tyson’s Blood Done Sign My Name. Prizes will be awarded. > Full story
The mutilation and rebirth of a classic: Fahrenheit 451
Volume III, Issue 3
“I will not go gently onto a shelf, degutted to become a non-book.” > Full story
The Spanish flu, Villanova College and Philadelphia
Volume III, Issue 3
If you walk past the Augustinian Community Cemetery on the University lawn overlooking Lancaster Avenue, you may notice the graves of three young seminarians, buried next to each other. > Full story
Libraries & Books: Reframing the Picture
Volume III, Issue 3
Director's Watch: "Books are symbolic entities as much as they are physical ones, embodying key cultural values and practices related to ideas and discourse." > Full story
The power of reading: VU selects influential books
Volume III, Issue 4
Father Peter Donohue, Nancy Kelley, John Kurtz and Joe Lucia share their picks. > Full story
What has the Library done for me lately?
Volume III, Issue 4
Villanova University administrators and staff reveal what they like best about Falvey. > Full story
Page turners: Falvey's picks for summer reading
Volume III, Issue 5
Some titles for the beach, some for the brain > Full story
Read any banned books lately?
Volume IV, Issue 1
Celebrate and protect your right to read these titles (and more)! > Full story
A bridge to history for Falvey Memorial Library: the American Catholic Historical Society and the Digital Library
Volume IV, Issue 2
Groundbreaking agreement takes important and rare resources and digitalizes them, "making them visible to the world." > Full story
Reference Radio rocks the airwaves
Volume IV, Issue 2
Dan Overfield and Chris Barr feature eclectic music, listener requests, interviews and research Q & A on their new show. > Full story
The art of giving constructive feedback
Volume IV, Issue 3
Falvey's peer mentoring program sponsors lively VITAL workshop > Full story
The "institutional repository" rethought: Community Bibliography debuts
Volume IV, Issue 3
The Blue Electrode column > Full story
New time slot for Reference Radio program
Volume IV, Issue 3
Have your research questions answered while listening to alternative rock > Full story
Light My Fire: Some Thoughts on the Amazon Kindle
Volume IV, Issue 3
Director's Watch column: "The Kindle is a snazzy little piece of tech candy....Reading on a Kindle is undeniably pleasant." > Full story
Has a book influenced your life? To celebrate National Library Week, April 13-19, ...
Volume IV, Issue 4
we asked individuals on campus to comment on their choices for a book that influenced their life. We think you will find their comments illuminating, compelling, poignant and even humorous. > Full story
No excuse for plagiarism: Academic Integrity Gateway now available
Volume IV, Issue 4
The Gateway provides "a sanctioned place to go for help" for students and faculty. > Full story
Falvey Memorial Library's key top-level goals
Volume IV, Issue 4
Director's Watch: Share your suggestions and comments about the library's agenda for the next several years. > Full story
Discover the Wissahickon in the Digital Library
Volume IV, Issue 5
Blue Electrode: The sights and spaces of this vast and beautiful wilderness, crisscrossed by numerous trails and dotted with the stone ruins of a previous era, hint at a rich history. > Full story
For Your Reading Pleasure: Summer Book Picks
Volume IV, Issue 5
Select graphic novels, gothic parodies, business bestsellers, fantasy, memoirs, futuristic fiction, eco non-fiction and Pulitzer Prize-winning historical novels. > Full story
Falvey Scholars
Volume IV, Issue 5
Six seniors honored: "The intellectual quality of the work being done by our students is exciting and inspiring.” > Full story
Keeping Villanova Green
Volume IV, Issue 5
Environmentally friendly learning communities and curricula. Greener buildings. Sustainable foods on the menu. Potato-starch knives and forks? > Full story
Student-centered Learning Space by Design: the new Griffin Room
Volume V, Issue 1
For research instruction and computers for personal use, the new Griffin Room represents our renewed invitation to our students to evolve and grow and learn with us. > Full story
Falvey’s New Web Site and Catalog
Volume V, Issue 1
New features include a Question Center where University members can post and answer questions. > Full story