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   Volume III, Issue 1
October 2006   

ARTstor: Tapping into the art of the ages

Falvey Memorial Library now subscribes to ARTstor, an online digital collection of 500,00 images, which include an Image Gallery of amazing scope, depicting the traditional arts, painting, sculpture and architecture, and also several additional collections.

Among these special collections are the "First Fleet Collection" from prisoners and sailors who sailed to Australia in 1787, featuring works found in the Natural History Museum, London;

Copyright ARTstor 2006

the Farber Gravestone Collection of early American tombstones; the Schlesinger History of Women in America, works by amateur and professional photographers about and by women; and the Mellon International Dunhuang Archive with digital reconstructions of arts and texts from Buddhist cave shrines.

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation founded ARTstor, a non-profit organization, to provide digital images for educational and scholarly use. ARTstor began accepting subscriptions in 2004 and today 600 institutions have access to the collections.

Users can search for images by keyword or, through an advanced search, by creator, culture, subject, title or other feature. The results are shown as thumbnails which can then be enlarged for closer examination. One can also zoom in to see the painting image in great detail, for example, the brush strokes in Andrew Wyeth’s in “April Wind.”

Each image is cataloged, and that information can be displayed, if the viewer chooses. Although anyone with a Villanova University user name and password can search ARTstor, registered users with valid University e-mail addresses are given additional privileges. They can save image groups, create shared folders, add notes to images and download the offline viewer, which saves images at a higher resolution. Those who register for instructor privileges can add up to 500MB of favorite personal images to supplement their ARTstor collection.

ARTstor may be used for classroom instruction and for student presentations. Faculty and students may download ARTstor materials to password protected web sites. Images can be printed for use in papers, theses and dissertations but one must follow ARTstor’s guidelines for permitted uses.

Link to ARTstor through the Falvey home page under Databases by Title.

Contributed by Alice Bampton, slide librarian