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   Volume III, Issue 1
October 2006   

Digital Library opens virtual doors

After a year of intensive development effort, the staff of Falvey Memorial Library proudly announces the opening of the Villanova University Digital Library. This online collection of digital resources serves as both the archive for digitalized Special Collection materials and the gateway to Villanova University publications, including the Faculty Bibliography.

Organized into discrete searchable collections, the software, crafted by Falvey’s Andrew Nagy, provides access to the Villanova Community and the broader group of scholars. Noteworthy initial digital collections include the complete collection of Cuala Press Broadsides, notable as a primary source for many folk songs and for the illustrations of Jack Yeats, brother of poet W.B. Yeats; a signed and edited copy of  Memoranda During the War by Walt Whitman; personal letters and books from the Joseph McGarrity Collection dealing with Irish and Irish-American history; an illuminated manuscript of selections from the Holy Koran; and the very first Belle-Air from 1922!

Content is being added each day, and suggestions for new digital collections and digital donations of cultural heritage materials are welcome

Contributed by Michael Foight

(Editor's note: This article was inadvertently omitted from the e-mailed version of Compass.)