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   Volume III, Issue 2
December 2006   

Need a new image? Try the Art History Slide Library

The Art History Slide Library was created to support the faculty who teach art history courses. The art and art history department, originally the fine arts department, was established in 1963, and in 1968 the University provided a budget for acquiring slides. Dr. George Radan, professor emeritus and the first chair of the department, noted that by 1973 the department had already acquired a considerable number of slides which were then consolidated into a slide library for the art historians to use.

The collection now contains approximately 44,000 35mm slides, some in color, some in black and white, all originally obtained at the request of the teaching faculty. The collection includes approximately 8,000 images of American art and about 21,000 images of European art from the Middle Ages to the present.

There are slides of prehistoric art, ancient art (Egyptian, Mesopotamian, Greek and Roman), the history of photography and the history of fashion, from the Middle Ages through contemporary times. Architecture, sculpture, painting and some minor arts are also included in the collection. Because the collection represents those subjects taught and the teaching interests of the art history faculty, the majority of the collection represents Western traditions.

Several years ago the slide library moved from the Saint Augustine Center into a newly constructed space in Falvey Memorial Library, but remained part of the history departmentís art history program. The slide library is now under the administration of Falvey Memorial Library, thus making the slide collection available to all Villanova faculty and students. Slides may be borrowed for a brief period or the patron may have selected slides scanned to a CD. Slides must be used for educational purposes only.

The slide library is located on the second floor of Falvey adjacent to Special Collections and is usually open from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m., Monday through Friday.†Contact Alice Bampton, the slide librarian, at 610-519-6997 to make an appointment.

Contributed by Alice Bampton