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   Volume III, Issue 3
February 2007   

The rate of inflation in 1492? Try the new Global Financial Data database

Global Financial Data, a newly acquired†database, is a comprehensive and easy-to-use time series database for finance research. The database itself features 20,000 time series from over 200 different countries. Recently, GFD has added historical stock prices for 11,000 U.S. securities and soon will add data for approximately 4,000 obsolete securities.

For each time series, historical data is available for as far back as†is verifiably possible. Various stock market data sets are from the 1600ís, exchange rate data sets are from 1590 forward, and, remarkably, GFD contains inflation data from as far back as the year 1264. GFD researchers gather their data from a variety of sources, verify accuracy and, in cases where multiple sources were employed, explain how differences were reconciled.

All research from GFD can be easily downloaded into a spreadsheet, and users can organize their results by time period: daily, weekly, monthly or yearly. In many cases, a researcher may change the currency used in the display, so, for example, one could view data on a Japanese stock exchange using a variety of current currencies including, naturally, yen or dollars.††

Contributed by Daniel Overfield, business librarian