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   Volume III, Issue 4
April 2007   

The Resource Management Center

The Resource Management Center encompasses the traditional functions of library acquisitions, cataloging, database management, serials and electronic resources into one work group. Their primary responsibility is to keep the library collection vital and current by procuring new library materials and organizing these materials for easy and convenient use.

The Acquisition function searches, purchases and pays for requested monographic and serial library materials in most formats. Faculty requests for all types of resources are now approved by the corresponding subject librarian liaison team or the Resource Council.

The Cataloging function provides descriptive data and organization for new materials in VUCat, the library online catalog. The staff is also responsible for updating the catalog with current information to ensure consistency and accuracy.

Electronic resource and serial management is another major function of the Resource Management Center. Licensing, management, maintenance and troubleshooting access to the library’s ever-expanding collection of networked serial and e-resources has become a technical services growth area. Most of these materials are not freely available on the Internet.

Although there is a definite move to electronic journals, the Library still maintains a limited print journal collection when no online access is available. However, this smaller paper collection,
Susan Markley, Resource Management team leader
located on the Current Periodical shelves, does not begin to reflect the large number of journals available to the Villanova University community. View the complete holdings through VUCat.

The Resource Management team is comprised of Susan Markley, Resource Management team Leader; David Burke, Metadata & Resource Management Librarian; Taras Ortynsky, Descriptive Services Librarian; Laura Hutelmyer, Electronic Resource & Special Acquisitions Coordinator; Marie Roman, Robert Rosci and Natalie Tomasco, Resource Management Specialists; and Susan Connor and Harry Coxe, Resource Management Specialist Assistants.

Contributed by Susan Markley; photograph by Natalie Tomasco