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   Volume III, Issue 4
April 2007   

Special Collections and Digital Libraries

Bente Polites and Michael Foight

This organizational unit comprises three distinct teams and their assigned staff and resources: Special Collections, the Digital Library and the Slide Library. The unit is coordinated by co-leaders Bente Polites and Michael Foight and includes Alice Bampton and Teri Ann Incrovato, who have Special Collections and Digital Libraries as their primary area of concentration. Other staff members contribute to specific team goals but are primarily responsible to other library teams and functional areas.

Special Collections houses approximately 15,000 items of historical and cultural significance. These items, rare books, photographs, personal papers, newspapers, maps, prints, realia and manuscripts, are rare or unique and require special handling and preservation to ensure access for future generations. Team members acquire new materials and describe, exhibit, preserve and provide access and research support for these treasures. The Special Collections team members are Michael Foight, Teri Ann Incrovato and Bente Polites.

The Digital Library is an online repository of full-text resources, many digitized from Villanova’s Special Collections, while others have been donated by benefactors or Villanova University community members. Team members digitize materials, describe digital objects, program software, transcribe texts, select items for digitization, provide research support for digital collections and manage partner programs. The Digital Library team members are David Burke, Margaret Duffy, Michael Foight, Mary Heyman, Teri Ann Incrovato, Lee Murphy, Andrew Nagy, Darren Poley, Bente Polites, Roberta Rosci and Jackie Smith.

The Slide Library is a facility where Villanova University community members can view the art history slide collection, which contains approximately 44,000 35mm slides. Team members create and acquire new slides, describe, digitize and preserve slides, and, importantly, provide access to the slides. Slide Library team members are Alice Bampton and Teri Ann Incrovato.

Contributed by Michael Foight; photograph by Bernadette Dierkes