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   Volume III, Issue 4
April 2007   

What has the Library done for me lately?

"Recently, the Library has made available to my graduate English class a trial subscription to British Periodicals digital database. It has been extremely helpful to me as I do research on my term paper."

Sue Winge, Assistant to the President for Research and Communications

"I am sure we can all agree that when it comes time for mid-terms and finals, researching online articles and finding sources to reference can be an overwhelming task. However, with the wonderful assistance provided by research librarian Louise Green, I was able to narrow my search to find the appropriate articles associated with the topic of my final paper, thus eliminating hundreds of Web sites and hours spent on research.

If you need quiet space, I think that Falvey is the perfect place to concentrate and study for mid-terms and final exams. The library staff has provided me with extremely beneficial resources, and I am grateful for their dedication and assistance year round."

Linda Buonanno, Secretary to the Dean of Graduate Studies, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

"I could write a zillion good things about the Library, but my favorite part is the welcoming atmosphere. It has become such a beehive of study, learning and catching up with that student I haven't seen for a while.

Thank goodness for the library staff. I cannot guess how many times I have asked library personnel, from the ground to the top floors, the most mundane questions and how quick they are to help.

Also, I really liked the use of the display windows to promote World Religions Day and the use of the coffee lounge for World Religions Day speakers. Recently I referred a staff member to the library video collection to view Galileo's Sons which illustrates faith and science through the lens of Rev. George V. Coyne, S.J., former director of the Vatican Observatory."

Kathy Overturf, Associate Director, Campus Ministry

Photographs by Laura Hutelmyer