Volume V, Issue 1
September 2008


New Directions at Falvey

Navigating the uncharted sea of online searching

With the wealth of scholarly journal articles now available online and sophisticated databases to help find them, why does it seem that people so often settle for information chosen from their first screen of Google results? Why do computer-savvy students manage to retrieve Wikipedia articles and download the newest iTunes, all the while sending and responding to multiple instant messages, yet overlook the library subscription databases

On May 17, faculty members seeking the solution to this enigma participated in a workshop offered as part of Villanova Institute for Teaching and Learning’s (VITAL) Teaching and Learning Strategies program. The hands-on session gave participants the opportunity to wade through the sea of online information as though they were first year students seeking scholarly sources to answer challenging questions. Dr. Andrea Welker, associate professor, civil and environmental engineering, and Barbara Quintiliano, Instructional Design librarian, moderated the discussion. 

Contributed by Barbara Quintiliano