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   Volume IV, Issue 1
September 2007   

How to get assigned readings at 3 a.m

Falvey now provides course reserve photocopied materials exclusively in electronic format. The course reserves department scans all copies of articles, book chapters, exams, papers and other photocopied materials, which are stored on a secure server. Faculty may choose which materials they want linked from that server to WebCT Vista. This policy will conserve paper, add convenience for both students and faculty, and streamline course reserve procedures.  

The reserve readings will be accessible through My Courses on the University web site, as are other course-specific resources. Course reserve materials are protected by copyright but can be distributed electronically according to guidelines on Fair Use. Only those students and faculty associated with a particular course will have access to the electronic course reserve materials.

Course reserves specialist Phylis Wright and the Vista group coordinators at UNIT will be available to assist faculty with linking these items to the appropriate courses in Vista.