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   Volume IV, Issue 2
November 2007   

Art Index Retrospective

Art Index Retrospective, a Wilson database, is an online cumulative index which covers 1929-1984 of the print Art Index. Art Index Retrospective contains references to articles published in over 600 journals, including those which have ceased publication as well as those still being published.

Art Index Retrospective indexes English, French, Italian, German, Spanish and Dutch language periodicals. A journal directory lists the indexed journals; here one can click on a title and obtain a list of available issues. This index covers both Western and non-Western art, fine art, commercial art, archaeology, folk art, photography, interior design and much more.

Art Index Retrospective allows one to search by keywords, subject headings, periodical titles and date. One can select a document type such as a feature article, reproduction, book review, poem or all of these. A researcher can also select a physical description, such as a map, plan, portrait, chart or bibliography. To aid in searching, a uniform name authority control  is especially useful for names which have spelling variations. Book reviews and over 100,000 reproductions of works of art are indexed.

Contributed by Alice Bampton