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   Volume IV, Issue 3
February 2008   

Security gates installed

Falvey Library has installed new Wildcard-activated turnstiles at the library entrance, similar to the entrances to other buildings on campus. The new entrance also features a swing-gate for patrons who use wheelchairs.

This new system was chosen because it increases the security of both library materials and library patrons. The cardswipe mechanism assures that only authorized patrons can access the Library while those without appropriate identification can still easily approach the desk to request access. "This procedure will deter non-Villanova people from viewing the library as an easy mark for petty theft," says Luisa Cywinski, Access and User Services team leader.

According to library director Joe Lucia, “We expect that this system will enhance security throughout the building, but it may initially impose some inconveniences because of delays at the entry for those without proper ID.”

Some tips for entering and exiting the Library: The card-swipe is to the left of each turnstile. Swiping your card with its black strip facing right will release the mechanism. When leaving the Library, exit through the turnstiles without swiping your card. If you do not bring your Wildcard, approach the service counter and have a library staff member verify your status. 

Contributed by Gerald Dierkes; photograph by Natalie Tomasco