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   Volume IV, Issue 4
April 2008   

New look for Digital Library project

In March, the Falvey Memorial Library’s Technology Team quietly rolled out a new look for the Digital Library project. The updated interface provides an elegant way to access and interact with the online archive of nearly four thousand digital objects.

Working with the Digital Library team, Chris Barr, Interface & Design Specialist, created a design that is both usable and striking in its execution. One remarkable new feature is apparent on the Digital Library home page, where users are presented with a smooth, iTunes-like flip-through interface for browsing the Digital Library’s top-level collections. Also visible from this page are updates to the Digital Library’s branding, as the site flows into a University-wide look and feel.

In addition, design improvements in the browse interface help users understand the hierarchical structure of the digital collections. Finding unique and rare documents is now as easy as browsing through well-curated collections to find entire books, letters and images, or simply searching for a specific item or keyword.

A final enhancement to the Digital Library is the addition of the newly designed viewer page. This full-screen page allows the text to jump to the front of the screen. Form following function, this page’s different look creates a distinction between the act of browsing or searching for a document and the act of reading a document. The document-specific controls on this page help readers quickly skip through hundreds of pages of text to find just what they are looking for.

Take a look at the recent enhancements and the extensive public collections of the Digital Library.

The Digital Library is currently being featured as a display on the first floor of Falvey Memorial Library through April. To view an excerpt of the video portion of the display, visit the Blue Electrode Blog.

Contributed by Chris Barr