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   Volume IV, Issue 4
April 2008   

Index of Christian Art

Thanks to your positive comments during the trial period, Falvey now subscribes to the Index of Christian Art Online.

The index was founded by Professor Charles Rufus Morey of Princeton University in 1917. Today the index is the largest database of medieval art in existence with records for over 23,000 works of art dating from early apostolic times to A.D. 1400.

The scope of the artwork covered by the database is impressive too, covering 17 different media including manuscripts, metalwork, sculpture, painting and glass, just to name a few. A full-text description accompanies each work, in addition to metadata such as location, ownership, date, school and style. Each artwork is also assigned exhaustive subject headings to help the researcher. Over 60,000 images are available to subscribers as part of this database.

According to their web site, this resource has become “the most important archive of medieval art in existence and the most specialized resource for the iconographer.”

Link to this significant new resource via the library home page under Resources by Subject / Art History / Images or Databases by Title.

Contributed by Teri Ann Incrovato