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   Volume IV, Issue 5
May 2008   

Reference Universe: Out of sight but not out of mind

Last summer the Library converted many print reference books to e-books and transferred other reference titles to the upper floors. Since then, the research support librarians have been challenged to find needed information sources quickly.

A welcome resource which expedites getting to the contents of these books, Reference Universe is a search tool which drills down to the index and table of contents of some 10,000 specialized encyclopedias, handbooks and compendia printed from 1985 to present.

Search results include the pages that have information on the topic, the call numbers of the books and, in some cases, links to appropriate pages in e-books. A search for a term retrieves a wide variety of answers, including longer encyclopedia articles, brief definitions and synonyms.

Check out this database by clicking on Databases by Title or E-Reference Books on the library home page.

Try entering "caucuses" and five of the 17 hits are to e-books, including The Oxford Guide to the United States Government (2001) with a link to a section in the book on presidential nominating caucuses.

Contributed by Jacqueline Mirabile