Volume V, Issue 1
September 2008


New Directions at Falvey

Photo Gallery: Meeting and Greeting

At the July LVJ conference at Falvey,Cynthia Slater (left) and Evelyn Minnick (right) from Saint Joseph's University discuss current library trends with Mary Alice Robinson and Cynthia Wilson from PALINET.

At the new faculty reception, August 21, Merrill Stein (right), coordinator of the political science/geography/ cultural studies liaison team, gets to know Lt. Brian M. Gelb and Lt. Sarah Woollard of naval sciences. 

Barbara Quintiliano, Instructional Design Librarian, talks with new faculty member, Jens Karlsson, associate professor, mechanical engineering.
Bente Polites, philosophy & theology liaison team coordinator, meets with Kathryn Getek, a new ethics department professor.


Photographed by Alice Bampton