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   Volume II, Issue 1
September 2005   

What has Falvey done for me lately?

Photo of Dr. Desmond

The Library recently purchased the software, EndNote, a commonly used reference manager. THANK YOU! This software enables us to electronically download references from other libraries, to set-up our own electronic libraries and to electronically produce bibliographies. Many in biology use this software but any scholar needing to establish electronic libraries will find it useful.

Just as an aside, I first updated my filing system to EndNote back when one of our recent Ennis Fellows in Core Humanities, Dr. Louis Hamilton, was an undergraduate honors/history major here. He did most of the conversion of my index card library into EndNote. I am very glad that I made the transition then, in the late 1980's and that the Library got us a site license now.

Mary Desmond, Ph.D.
of Biology

Photo of Dr. Joye

The Information Desk has been super helpful. Computer searching with the Reference librarians has helped me to locate hard-to-find items. Interlibrary Loan has also been great in helping me obtain articles and books for my research. Media Technologies and Creative Design has been great for video and, earlier, for film.

Donald Joye, Ph.D.
Chemical Engineering Department


What has Falvey done for me lately? In the ‘face’ of innovation—which is always needed, and always refreshing—there is one constant to Falvey that is enduring and Photo of Dr. Keita reassuring. I’m speaking of the Library’s staff, all of whom seem to be eternally friendly and universally helpful. This begins with those who occupy the ‘bedrock’ of the Library itself—its basement—and are charged with convincing the ‘visually-challenged’ that concepts can be graphically rendered, passed to film or disc, viewed or listened to; to those who greet you on the first floor, check out books, humor professors with ‘last minute’ requests for reserve readings, and guide us through the newest techniques of research in fields we thought were moribund and unchanging. What Falvey does for me every time I walk through its doors is reinforce the very essential human element that is central to this thing called education and the sustenance of this intellectual community we call Villanova. My thanks and sincere appreciation to the people who make the library the Library.

Maghan Keita, Ph.D.
Department of History
Africana Studies
Center for Arab and Islamic Studies

Photo of Suzanne Toton

Without a doubt, the Falvey staff is among the most efficient, helpful and friendly on campus. Whether it’s ordering new videos, pulling them for my classes or putting them on reserve; lending AV equipment and patiently teaching me how to use it; or helping me access some hard-to-find publication, the Falvey staff is “right there,” ready and willing to help. And on top of it, they’re absolutely pleasant about it! Nothing is ever too much trouble.

Suzanne Toton, Ed.D.
Department of Theology & Religious Studies
Center for Peace & Justice Education



Photo of Nancy Sharts-Hopko

Falvey staff have been simply wonderful in their support for the new online doctoral program in nursing, both in terms of acquiring resources, and also in terms of orientation and training for students about accessing resources from a distance. A number of students have worked directly with Falvey staff, and I hear nothing but rave reviews on their patience, persistence and resourcefulness.

Nancy Sharts-Hopko, Ph.D., RN, FAAN
College of Nursing


Photo of Walt Tymon
The library staff is extremely knowledgeable and responsive. In C & F, Michael Foight and now Dan Overfield are tremendous assets to us. If you have a library research problem that is not easily solved, they enthusiastically take ownership of it until you have a solution. I’m always amazed how quickly Michael has always been able to resolve a library research problem. Recently, Dan walked me through using the new EndNote program, which was very helpful. The staff also has been great in helping my students problem solve on their research challenges.

Walt Tymon, Ph.D.
Management Department

Photographs by Laura Hutelmyer