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   Volume II, Issue 2
November 2005   

The top ten reasons to bring your Wildcard when you visit Falvey

1. Enter the Library. Just show your Wildcard to our door-checker, and walk right in. Please note that without it, you can still enter the Library, but first you’ll have to stop and wait while our door-checker looks up your identity information. 

2. Borrow a laptop computer.

3. Obtain the key to a group study room.

4. Borrow a course-reserve book or article.

5. Listen to some bizarre poems. Oh wait, that’s a reason to bring your wild bard…

6. Check out a career collection book from our Reference department.

7. Check out an interlibrary loan book or article.

8. Check out an E-ZBorrow book.

9. Check out a popular reading or audio-book.

10. Check out a library book from the main stacks.

(Remember: If anyone else tries to conduct transactions with your Wildcard, we’ll tie him to a book cart and wheel him down to the bindery, where we’ll force him to smell the old, unclaimed sneakers from the lost-and-found.)

Since the Wildcard policy was instituted there have been far fewer incidences of theft, harassment and vandalism. The Library and especially the door-checkers appreciate your cooperation!

Contributed by Gerald Dierkes, Evening Circulation Supervisor.