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   Volume II, Issue 4
May 2006   

What’s new at Falvey?

A new public printer: Actually the second new printer the Library acquired this school year, since the first one quickly became the most popular printer on campus. That machine simply wasn’t up to the task. To accommodate this great demand for printing in Falvey, a new, high capacity photocopier with more than twice the speed has replaced the previous one. Soon the Library will offer both single and double-sided printing. 

An additional printer: A second public printer has been installed on the Library’s third floor. This machine, which serves as a back up for the first-floor printer, is convenient for students and other researchers working on Falvey’s upper levels.

A new scanner: Next to the first-floor printer, the Library’s scanning station allows patrons to scan both text documents and pictures. The scanning software enables users to edit their work, and they can choose to save the scanned image to a floppy disk or similar storage device, save the scanned image to the desktop to be printed or save the scanned image to the desktop to be e-mailed. 

New furniture has been added to the first floor to increase seating capacity and study space. Six round study tables and chairs replaced the three hexagon-shaped tables, and twelve new soft chairs and three coffee tables were added to the Periodicals area.

Contributed by Gerald Dierkes, Evening Supervisor for Circulation, Reserve and Periodicals